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Purchase as many $15 gift cards from us as you like at a 50% discount ($7.50 each). Then sell those gift cards at full value. You keep all the money earned from the sale, and we will buy back any unused cards at the orignal purchase price.
For example: You buy 100 $15 gift cards from us for $750. You sell those gift cards for $1,500. Your organization makes a $750 profit without having to wash a single car!

  • Easy to distribute and easy to profit!
  • Raise money quickly!
  • No orders to take!
  • No liability!
  • Can be done several times a year for the same group!

It’s easy! Visit Castle Car Wash and speak to a company representative about your organization's needs. The gift cards can be purchased immediately so that you can start earning money fast!
All we need is your non-profit organization's tax ID number.

Email us if you have any questions: